TR provides you access to these varied skillsets ensuring optimal wellness for every one of Total Reformation’s individual clients in the one place. It's a process... it takes time to re-wire the brain and to build in new patterns. 'You have to unlearn what you have learned' + you have to constantly battle your environment, gravity, society and your ego once you've started though you'll never turn back.



When it comes to exercise TR focuses on Sustainable Exercise Philosophies. TR does not subscribe to the ‘get fit/flexible or build muscles fast’ regime of the industry, focusing instead on stimulating the body in an intelligent way, that doesn’t do damage, but instead repairs the dysfunctions that people may have from previous exercise and lifestyle choices.

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From beginners, to rehabilitation and all the way to elite athletes Functional Patterns Human Mechanic Specialist is dedicated to finding the root cause of your body's mechanical deficiencies, and will guide you through a program to improve your awareness and Bio-Mechanics for sustainable health. The results are nothing shy of spectacular.



To assist you on the right path to complete wellness, we also like to focus on allied services that help promote your health and wellbeing goals. These are matched with our staff of experts who have a unique understanding of the human physiology and functionality on a deeper level.

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Total Reformation takes an all-encompassing approach to improving gut health, digestion and nutrition that benefits the functionality of the entire body. Common symptoms of gut dysfunction such as gas, bloating, weight gain and fluid retention rapidly improve and disappear all together through TR's Gut Healing and Digestive Support Protocols which is supported by testing and not guessing.


Reformation: (n). improvement, alteration for the better

Total Reformation is a premier Holistic Health & Wellbeing Studio founded by Darren Cox in 2014 and located in Brighton, Melbourne. With over sixteen years of experience in the health and fitness industry and a diverse set of qualifications under his belt, Darren wanted to create a place where people could discover their individual path to complete health, a place unlike any in Australia.
Darren describes the Total Reformation approach as,

Highly individualised – we work one on one with each client for our complete Health Building Programs to ensure each aspect is catered to their individual needs. Our aim is to return the body to homeostasis – a stable equilibrium within the body. To do this we address every element of a person’s health from exercise, mindset and nutrition to posture, sleep patterns, hydration, sunlight exposure and environmental stressors. It’s all related and no two people are exactly the same.”

The name was born from the fact that Darren didn't want to change people, because his intentions are not to change somebody pyshiologoy or biology but to help make improvements from a holistic point of view. Rather, Darren has created an innovative, collaborative and inspiring environment where clients feel like they're part of a tribe rather than a 'run-of-the-mill' gym. When you walk into TR you are welcomed with open arms and we approach your goals as a team, working across the board from progressive functional movement to customised nutrition and compliementary therapies such as Sports Kinesiology and Remedial Massage Therapy.