Come join us for Melbourne's most 'cheekiest' Saturday morning booty workout. This 'well rounded' session will teach you how to activate one of your most important 'ASSets' for performance and injury prevention. You'll learn how to integrate your muscles and fascial tissue for one explosive and sexy backside. Loads of fun with lots of laughs. Slower class with a more focused approach (Maximum 8 participants only)


Our 'Core' unit is one of the most important elements of movement and performance. Learning how to activate and integrate your core is crucial for posture and injury prevention. This class is perfect for anyone who is new to exercise, expecting / new Mums, pre / post surgery or for those who are looking for a smarter way to strengthen their core. Slower class with a more focused approach (Maximum 8 participants only)


Love the fun group experience but want a more customised training session? Then this small group is for you. You'll release, mobilize and warm up together with the small group then break off to follow a customised program that's been designed just for you. It's a timed 45min session where everyone starts and finished together but you'll be following you own program. The atmosphere is awesome and you'll love your own program to follow. (Maximum 6 participants only)

PLEASE NOTE: Before joining this class you MUST book in for a minimum of 4 Private sessions to establish your foundational skill set and to align your training program objectives and goals.


This class encompasses the ‘old-school’ circuit type style but with highly functional Multi Plane movements. This class teaches you to work as an integrated, interdependent unit that challenges your whole body and enhances your performance so you can achieve your goals safely and with good technique. (Maximum 8 participants only)


This suspension training class develops full body strength, balance, flexibility, core and stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer and free weights giving loads of variety to each class. This body weight based class is totally adaptable for all levels of strength and fitness. (Maximum 8 participants only)

In addition to our timetable, you can also choose to take your health to the next level with our HEALTH BUILDING PROGRAMS