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REFORMATION: (n). improvement, alteration for the better


Sustainable & Intelligent Movement

Total Reformation's Integrated Practitioners teach three dimensional, integrated movements, focused on natural body rotations. They take an inside out approach, with a strong focus on core strength. Primal movements such as rotation, throwing, squats, lunges, pushing, pulling and lifting also play an essential role. The key difference though is that, “The human body moves in a contra-lateral action – this is in what’s called the Transvers Plane, traditional weight training neglects this concept.” - Darren Cox (TR Founder)

Remedial Massage, Dry Needling & Sports Kinesiology

The Total Reformation health journey is holistic, sustainable, educational and enjoyable. It’s about empowering each individual to nurture, fuel and move their body in a way that makes them feel invigorated everyday.  To assist you on the right path to complete wellness, we also like to focus on allied services that help promote your health and wellbeing goals. These are matched with our staff of experts who have a unique understanding of the human physiology and functionality on a deeper level.

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Gut Healing Protocols, Lab Testing & Nutrition Plans

A core part of Total Reformation’s overall health philosophy calls on the principals of Metabolic Typing a practice that helps individuals discover what foods work best for them and in what ratio. Darren says, “ When we provide the body with the right fuel mix, we allow it not only to function optimally, but also to begin to repair dysfunctions and imbalances, moving an individual significantly closer to our goal of achieving homeostasis.”

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